Before COVID-19, everyone was so busy that we barely considered the beauty of the sky we lived under everyday. In the midst of this new normal, now everyone is busy themselves with news cycles, home projects, kid entertainment, and brainstorming ideas to avoid boredom or mental anguish. So we’re busy again! School is starting, work is demanding, children are needy, and…all from one central place. How did we leave exhaustion and yet we’re facing it again?


Real talk…how do we even find ourselves in an exhausted state? What is it really we’re doing that would cause such exhaustion? For the myriad of answers you could formulate which may be true and definitely real issues, the question remains. How do/did we end up exhausted?

Maybe your matter is not exhausted? Maybe frustrated? Maybe mad? Maybe deeply hurt? Maybe bitter? 

Maybe hurt or just sick…

In Genesis 6, God’s creation was quite busy. Man was raucous and the fallen angels in the earth were contributing to the wickedness that was occurring in the earth. Their persistence in wickedness released the judgment of God to not strive with man continuously. Verse 3 MSG, “I’m not going to breathe life into men and women endlessly. Eventually they’re going to die; from now on they can expect a life span of 120 years.” 

Looking upon the wickedness and seeing his life in man being subjected to worthlessness, God set a limit. He did not repent of his decision, he did not relent over his decision. He made a decision. Jesus’ instructions in Matthew 5:37 AMP were as his Father’s actions in Genesis, “…let your statement be, ‘Yes, yes’ or ‘No, no’ [a firm yes or no]; anything more than that comes from the evil one.”

Are you going to stop what is upsetting your stride?

It is not God’s will that you are exhausted. I find no example of God’s good will toward us being that we are exhausted in the Bible. So back to the question, how do/did we end up in an exhausted, frustrated, mad, deeply hurt, or bitter state? In Romans 8:11 says that the Spirit of God that raised Jesus from the dead quickens our mortal bodies! So our state if not in Christ is only in one other place…

Let’s remember that in gathering the promises of God to and for us, it’s important to take stock of what we are either allowing or disallowing. Joshua 7:10-13 reflects this truth. We are strengthened through salvation in Christ to utilize the power to make decisions and live abundantly. Recall his promises and choose rightly.

“Christ has set us free to live a free life. So take your stand! Never again let anyone put a harness of slavery on you.” Galatians 5:1 MSG

Blessings, Pastor Ceci

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