Following a life-changing encounter, so many questions seem to awaken… What now? How?  Do you just want to live truly? What are my resources? Without total understanding, we desire to know God who knows us. We endeavor to ascribe to belief in Jesus Christ without adherence to his way. Traveling many paths we find that they all converge into one, with no backward exit. This path has one door in front and one to the right. Stopping many times along this path, we thought that we were venturing into some new path. Only to find that there is only one path. 

Assessing the journey after encountering God in such a dynamic way, there is a sense of palpable helplessness that accompanies the wonder of such an experience. How can I hold on to what I have experienced? What is truth in the face of truth and love? What happened within myself while experiencing his love? Who am I now after such a moment? If I don’t feel like I did, is it real?

Be still enough to just breathe, God has not changed his mind.
Job 32:8 …”the breath of the Almighty gives understanding”.

Gathering one’s self after such an encounter is not a new phenomenon. Actually Jesus gave various instructions on how to proceed forward after such a moment with him. As we look into one window of encounter with Christ, consider your personal experience. Allow Holy Spirit to converse with you and seek support from those He directs you toward. Let’s look at Luke 17:11-19.

Christ, walking the one path, encounters a group of lepers. They, knowing of his reputation, cried out for healing. Christ instructs them to go to the authorities (priests) and show they are healed. They were instructed to go directly without immediate evidence of their healing to show themselves as healed. No evidence, just a word. In obedience, putting effort through their walk, conviction and reliance on the word, they walked some distance to see the authorities. Upon their arrival, they had the evidence that they were healed just as Christ said when there was no evidence. Where the encounter was not spectacular in demonstration, it was effective in application. 

With men, without the presence of God, things are impossible. With men, in the presence of God, all things are possible. (paraphrased Luke 18:27)

In the same text, one of the healed lepers returned to Christ to show gratitude for his healing. Interestingly, his heart’s openness to Christ provided greater understanding and access to the resources of the kingdom. He was not a Jew and Jesus did not ask him to return after seeing the priests. Yet, this one healed leper returned exuberantly glorifiing God in the midst of people that he was usually rejected by. Jesus in response, releases him – grants him grace to pursue the way of life before him now. “Having arisen” (this leper), this man’s gratitude after the healing promoted and resurrected him in this way that he was now granted to pursue! Further Christ says, “Your faith has restored your body to soundness of health.” Where healing was granted in the initial encounter, the return to Christ in gratitude manifest wholeness and empowerment to live. Bless the Lord Almighty! HALLELUJAH!

Will you allow God to lead you in putting the puzzle together?

The man received the blessing and it was now up to him to adhere to the opportunity presented for life transformation. What will you do now with your opportunity? Reading further in that chapter, Christ expounds on the contrast of the world as Noah prepared according to God’s plan. The world was marrying, celebrating, living their best life right up to the moment Noah entered the ark. Noah was breathing the understanding of God and building something the world had never seen before. Everyone outside of his family, disregarded the truth and when the water filled the earth, they were lost. 

Let’s not be lost while God is wanting to build. This is the opportunity to grow and move forward for us to know God and be known by him resulting in true peace and prosperity through Christ.

Blessings Pastor Ceci

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