Every year, there are highs and lows. This year was more volatile than most for a host of reasons. Regardless of personal perspective and dynamics, we have all experienced some degree of increase, loss, and overall transition.

It reminds me of several biblical narratives that point to what happens following such a moment. Isaac upon the loss of his mother mourned deeply and seemed to not know the next step to take to move onward. Yet Abraham, his father, knew what should come next. And God answered Isaac’s dilemma with his daughter, Rebekah. This answer propelled Isaac to enter the next realm of glory assigned to his life. (Genesis 24:63-67)

King Solomon after assuming the throne after his father, must act in the authority of his office. And because his God, his father, and his mother had instructed him; he takes swift action establishing his office as well as settling the matters of his father’s reign. (1 Kings 2:13-46) And even after the glory of the throne, God responds to Solomon’s request for wisdom. The blessing upon the increase brought an exponential return for Solomon. (1 Kings 4:29-34)

In either case, the circumstances were not sweet from beginning to end. For our next to come, the previous has to come to an end. Whether with mourning and confusion or with understanding and instruction. The year 2020 has come to an end and we may found ourselves at either end of the spectrum or somewhere in the middle. The opportunity affords itself to us… gain and increase.

With joy, Christ welcomed his human end knowing that we all would share in the gain and increase of kingdom living. Christ gave instructions as King David did for Solomon and as Abraham did when raising Isaac. Christ demonstrated the gain and increase in his obedience to God and being faithful over those given (John 17:11-13, Hebrews 5:7-10). Let us find comfort in the truth that Christ lost family as some of us have and had suffered such separation (Matthew 14:10-13).

We have a depth of blessing through salvation upon Christ and adoption as His children. Let us recall that depth and seize this opportunity to realize such blessedness.

Welcome to the New Year!

Welcome, Another Opportunity!

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  1. Thank you for the insight Pastor Ceci, it is right on time. This period of time, you illustrated, is the time to move forward. Awesome.

  2. Tardy that I am in reading your message Pastor Ceci…..so true, so true for every waking day! Thank you.

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