Aiming to see the unseen, hear the unheard, and serve the ignored



To affirm the value intrinsic in people, supporting their efforts to build faith in Jesus Christ; by this, the kingdom of God is realized daily.

Pastors’ Cecilia & Antonio Myles lead Remaining Part Ministries in fulfilling the God-given mandate of service to individuals who has suffered various kinds of trauma leaving them scattered and sometimes, alone. Remaining Part Ministries is a biblically-focused, trauma-informed, and Holy Spirit-led ministry. We contribute to the vision of God to reconcile the world to himself through Jesus Christ via love, service, and commitment by God’s people. As people of God, we hold these values at our center: to believe the best of people, to love people through the love of God, to patiently serve people with endurance, and to encourage and support people to live abundantly through Christ.

Together they preach, teach, and work the ministry as one committed to the end goal that in all that they do God is glorified. Pastor Cecilia is Executive Pastor given the responsibility of the prophetic administration and development of ministry services. Pastor Antonio is Teaching Pastor with the responsibility of instructing and supporting individuals new to the kingdom of God lifestyle and way.

Antonio & Cecilia are both native Chicagoans with stories of joy and well as pain; even the simple aspects of life were difficult for them. From abuse to parent wounds, to exploitation to homelessness, from great lows to amazing highs, the Myles has come to taste and see that the Lord he is good, blessed is the man that trusts in Him! God has and is transforming them leaving no residue of who they once were. Knowing this glorious life through Christ is their motivation to serve others that contend with the perils of life.

The fruitfulness of Remaining Part Ministries is not reflective of Pastors’ Myles alone, it is also the result of investment from various leaders that they have been blessed to serve under and with over their journey of salvation in Christ. Starting in the Midwest part of the United States and settling in Central Texas, the favor of God and his covering over them have revealed itself in relationships. RPM conducts some of its ministries through a collective approach with a group of anointed leaders with a heart of service unto God and his people. Our retreats have been a point of transformation with these phenomenal leaders in participation with the plan of God.

Pastor Antonio

Pastor Cecilia

“I would recommend RPM because of the biblical and practical base.”

H. Bass, San Diego, CA