Reconciling the remaining part for whole living…




To be a biblically-focused, trauma-informed, and Holy Spirit-led ministry.

To affirm the value intrinsic in people, supporting their efforts to build faith in Jesus Christ; by this, the kingdom of God is realized daily.

Ceci Myles serves as the Executive Director of Remaining Part Ministries in fulfilling the God-given mandate of service to individuals who has suffered various kinds of trauma leaving them scattered and sometimes, alone. We contribute to the vision of God to reconcile the world to himself through Jesus Christ via love, service, and commitment by God’s people. As people of God, we hold these values at our center: to believe the best of people, to love people through the love of God, to patiently serve people with endurance, and to encourage and support people to live abundantly through Christ.

Utilizing biblical truths with Spirit-led experience and skills, RPM serves through the ministry of healing, practical wisdom, and reconciliation With fellow clergy and laypersons, RPM provides a distinctive encounter for greater clarity, understanding, and resilience in matters of life. Through a collective approach through the offering of a diverse skills and backgrounds, we have witnessed substantial change in individuals’ lives.

Ceci Myles, MSOD, CPC, Narm-Informed Professional
Antonio Myles, SGT, BA
Sarah McFadden, MSN, RN, NCSN
Sylvia Clark, MFTA