It has been a HOT Summer and with water restrictions, we are witnessing dry ground all around. Cataclysmic weather events abound with loads of negative reporting. These reports mimic the Egyptians after their experience with God and his people, Israel. From dead stinking fish to the death of firstborn sons, these events were deafening! So tumultuous that upon the exit of the Israelites (and according to God’s plan), Pharoah arose with rage in his heart to recapture them.

There may be a rage of the enemy attempting to return you to a place that God has freed you from. And with victory available through Jesus Christ, God has already assured you the victory. And maybe, just maybe, seeing this rage you are in the middle of half-hearted faith and belief aiding the enemy’s cause. In Exodus 14, this is the response of the Israelites seeing the Egyptians raging after them. Fear seized their hearts while they stood in the open exposed. Like standing at the height of the day with the sun blazing upon you without sunscreen, they were feeling the weight of the oncoming danger! Their fear froze them in a place that the rage of Pharoah could be satisfied by their recapture yet God had a plan.

Interestingly, the ground they stood on before the sea was dry and the ground God opened up to them to pass over was also dry. And though the ground was the same, before this miracle the ground was evidence of a dangerous place to be. Yet now the dry ground had been made a path of grace, provision, and safety.

Look around you and see God. Are we now standing on dry ground that doesn’t need to change yet we need to see how God can utilize the dry ground as he did for the Israelites? Be encouraged to not embrace the fear. Be encouraged to not give a place of fear for the appearance of the enemy. With the size of fear you may be tempted to have, invoke a greater amount of expectation and hope for the possibility of God to make where you stand the place where you move forward and onto what he has promised to you.

Glory to God that you are on DRY GROUND for this ground has the potential for a MIRACLE!

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