We are a joyful assembly whose God is in the midst sharing the good news of the Kingdom of God to all.

Our Mission

To be a body of redemptive people active in sharing God’s love and refuge where life, belonging, and purpose are realized.

Our culture



We endeavor to maintain a culture that expresses four tenets of our faith in Jesus Christ, as the foundation of our church. These four tenets are our willingness and surrender to God to be:

  • Redemptive
  • Infused with God’s love
  • Resolved in faith
  • Courageous living

Ceci Myles

A daughter of God who is imperfect and compassionate. Ceci possesses a keen prophetic grasp of soul despair, biblical reconciliation, and healing. Through God-given opportunities, she ministers to people who are usually unseen, unheard, and ignored. Licensed and ordained along with a graduate education, she serves as our Pastor who is a NARM-Informed Professional with additional competencies in both ministry and trauma.

Driving her impact is transparency, vulnerability, availability, and courageous fidelity to biblical truth through the power of love from the Father. Her personal striving is to continually remain in the privilege of authenticity and liberty through surrender, learning, embodying truth, and sharing in community. As a vessel formed and shaped by the Father’s love, she serves as a bridge for some to know God through Christ and to be known by Him.

Saturdays @ 9:45 am

Contact Us

6439 W. State Hwy 46
New Braunfels, TX 78132